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Our vision is to captivate young minds with their inherent wonder of the world around them and teach them about God’s deep and abiding love for them.  We aim to cultivate citizens who love and serve God as well as others; students who are inquisitive, life-long learners; and individuals who can discern, articulate, and live truth.

We want our children to grow in virtue, which comes from the source of absolute truths.  These truths of excellence uphold that prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, and love are worthwhile and necessary for character formation and a harmonious society.

We believe that wisdom begins with wonder wherein we learn to love that which is lovely and reject that which is not.  By studying what is beautiful, good, and true in nature, art, music, literature, grammar, science, history, and math, one can rightly order their affections or loves.  With rightly ordered affections, one can apply reason and then wisdom.

Our preschool’s foundational Junior Kindergarten Program develops the intellectual, physical, and spiritual skills and abilities that will mature through 12th grade as part of the Classical Christian Trivium model of education.  


Academic skills are taught in an engaging and developmentally appropriate manner. Chants, songs, and rhymes are used to help students in the learning process. Hands-on, group activities, and individual work are all used in the teaching methodology to educate the children.


Research supports that physical activity helps improve academic and cognitive performance. Our program focuses on providing opportunities for active movement through free play time during recess and throughout the day in the classroom, also incorporating fine motor skills development.


As the Jr. Kindergarten students are learning what it means to be a part of a group in the classroom, it is important for them to learn what is expected of them socially as well as what a virtuous life looks like.  We emphasize developing the moral imagination of our children.  Our biblical instruction teaches what it means to love God and their neighbor.  Exposing them to great literature through poetry and fables also provides the early constructs of the moral world, for example, wherein good is good and evil is evil, and the former triumphs over the latter.  Equipping our children with an understanding of what characterizes a virtuous life in a society enables them to have more meaningful relationships.

We would love to serve you and your family if you have a preschool-aged child (4 years old and above) who is fully and consistently potty-trained.

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