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You can learn a lot about a school from listening to conversations.  We captured a bit about what PCS students, alumni, and parents are saying so you can do just that!

"I am particularly grateful for all the Bible verses I learned through memorization and song. By hiding those verses in my heart, I am able to remember them in times of need." — 11th grade student

"My fellow classmates were quick to accept me as one of their own." — 12th grade student

"When I came to PCS I discovered that all the subjects were harder than my last private school. PCS definitely has higher standards. PCS is the best education I can get." — 8th grade student

"It seems like at PCS, everybody is friends with everybody." — 8th grade student

"I joined PCS in 7th grade and it was the first time in years that I didn’t ache when I woke up to go to school in the morning." — 11th grade student

"This school means everything to me. The teachers help you in any way they can, you learn about God in numerous ways, and you make so many friends here. Friends can come and go but the friends I made at PCS will always be a part of my life." — 9th grade student

"I value the learning style and the relationships at Providence. Discussions, in my opinion, are the key to a healthy learning environment. Discussing enables one to apply reason to knowledge and it expands the mind." — 10th grade student

"I find it meaningful that when you miss a day, as soon as school lets out, everybody texts you to see if you are ok." — 10th grade student

"My previous school was big and I felt like I was another person in the crowd. Then I came to Providence. Now I feel like someone besides my family really cares about my education." — 8th grade student

"I haven’t heard of another school that teaches the ancient languages starting in the 3rd grade and has harkness discussions in high school. Another key of being a unique school is the senior thesis and senior fine art project along with having a Christian base to the whole curriculum." — 12 grade student

"My classical education was in-depth and rich in perspective and understanding of multiple sides."

"The value of a PCS education is the love of learning more about that which is good, true, and beautiful."

"I wish for every student at PCS to experience the abundance of love my teachers poured into me."

"I hope that the familial atmosphere that focuses on Christ and cultivates character, talent and knowledge never changes."

"The emphasis on the humanities, lack of tech, and the fostering of chests (hearts) are qualities of the PCS education that will benefit future students."

"Have your cake and eat it too! You don’t have to choose EITHER academic rigor OR a Christian education; PCS offers a Christ-centered AND academically rigorous Classical education."

"PCS has been/is the best place for my daughter's education! The curriculum is strong, the teachers are top-notch, and the administration is outstanding. In addition to all of that, this school is Christ-centered and that makes all the difference. "

"Their entire experience focuses on the development of the student in a small class environment where teachers serve as mentors as much as educators. The classical curriculum is an excellent model for unlocking creativity and excellence. I couldn’t imagine our children at another school!"

"All of my kids' teachers have done a wonderful job nurturing them both academically and spiritually. I appreciate that they set high expectations for them and help them attain them. The administration provides excellent leadership that permeates the school. My family has thoroughly enjoyed being an active part of the PCS community!"

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