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College & Career Counseling

Here at Providence Classical School we focus on our students with the understanding that the Classical Education embodies all aspects of their development. Knowing that we are all created in the image of God, at PCS we endeavor to cultivate each student’s uniqueness by developing the knowledge, values, and skills needed for individual growth and success.

As a classical Christian school, the curriculum is structured to prepare all students for success in their chosen fields of interest.

The college counseling program at Providence works with students and parents providing them with the resources needed to navigate each student as he or she seeks to fulfill God’s calling.

Our school profile can be found here.

  • Each student is assisted in creating a SCOIR account, which is an all-inclusive college admissions network.
  • Student information session(s) will be given to help students focus on academics, student/teacher relations, testimonies, and extra curriculars.
  • Students will complete a YouScience Career Profile which will help each student to identify potential career paths.
  • Students will revisit the student inventory created in YouScience.
  • Individual spring planning sessions will be scheduled with students and parents.
  • Students will complete the PSAT.
  • During the winter, individual meetings will be scheduled to generate college information, career options, and specifics needed to begin the college / career application process.
  • College Admissions Officers often schedule information sessions at this level.
  • Assistance will be provided to each student while registering for SAT, ACT, or CLT.
  • A week-long internship is mandatory at this stage.
  • Scheduled meetings will be held with each individual student to aid in the completion of the college application process.
  • There will be essay support and review.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship information and reminders will be given throughout the year.
“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ~ Socrates
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