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Helpful Resources for Current and Prospective Families

We've done the research for you.  Read reviews, listen to podcasts, or watch explanatory videos about this radically different, counter cultural way to educate your child.

Association of Classical Christian Schools Survey — See the 7 life-outcomes of Classical Christian School alumni through the results of an extensive 10-year study.

Basecamp Live Podcasts — Listen to insightful podcasts aimed at learning and preparing to raise the next generation of Christ followers through Classical Christian Education.

Suggested Publications about Classical Christian Education

The Classical Difference (Association of Classical Christian Schools)

An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents  (Classical Academic Press)

What is Classical Education?  (Susan Wise Bauer)

The Lost Tools of Learning  (Dorothy Sayers)

The Classical Education of the Founding Fathers (Memoria Press)

Classical Education  (Escondido Tutorial Service)

Online Content for Parents

RightNow Media Movies, books, videos, and bible studies for parents, teens, and children.  Contact our office for an invitation to their vast library!

Suggested Books

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning  (Doug Wilson)

Towards the Revival of American Schooling  (Andrew Kern and Gene Edward Veith)
(Copies to borrow are available at the school)

Classical and Christian Education  (Dr. Gregg Strawbridge)

Classical Me, Classical Thee (Rebekah Merkle) - The #1 New York Times Bestselling book about the need for classical Christian education.

Other Resources  - Information about the documentary, available on FOX Nation. Learn about the need for classical Christian education. – An ongoing news post related to the documentary, book, and mostly classical Christian education. Subscribe if you wish. – Follow the ACCS on twitter, where they keep everyone up to date on media releases in the coming week. @A_C_C_S – Follow David Goodwin, President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools directly on twitter to find out where and what he's up to in the media, etc. @goodwind67

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