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Extensive Training in Reading and Writing

Providence uses a multi-sensory phonics program to teach students reading through direct instruction. In order to encourage the love of beauty and truth, students are exposed to the best in children’s literature. Writing is taught by teaching formal grammar and diagramming, as well as by developing well-written sentences, paragraphs, and essays by imitating the great writers of history.

Quality Instruction in Core Academic Disciplines 

Providence focuses on quality instruction in six core academic disciplines: Biblical studies, history, English/literature, science, mathematics, and Latin. Lower school students are introduced to the essential facts, or “grammar,” of each of these disciplines. Students sing, recite poetry, and complete projects and journals as they acquire a body of foundational knowledge essential to more advanced studies in the Upper School. A narrative and linear approach to history brings it to life and develops understanding for more advanced study in later school years. In addition, excellent instruction in art and music develop creative gifts and deeper understanding of beauty and history.

Integration of the Christian Worldview

The Lower School classroom begins each day with “memory work” recitations, devotions and prayer. Teachers use a story-based, chronological curriculum for Bible. This foundation prepares the student for more advanced study in biblical interpretation, doctrine, and apologetics at the upper school level. Through the teachers’ personal examples and instruction, they apply a biblical worldview in every subject, training the students to think with a Christian approach.

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