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The Upper School continues to develop skills gained in the middle years. At this level, students increasingly apply these skills to evaluating and synthesizing information, and to constructing a biblical interpretation of the subjects they study. Ultimately, our graduates will be able to apply a biblical worldview to ideas and works by first-rate authors, and they will be able to articulate a thoughtful Christian response to the issues posed by the world around them.

Students will continue an integrated study of history and literature at greater depth, moving chronologically from antiquity to the modern world in order to understand the roots and consequences of ideas and institutions as they have developed over time.

Complementing historical and literary studies, the Bible curriculum addresses principles of interpretation, surveys biblical doctrine, and consistently challenges students to apply what they have learned.

In Latin classes students complete a study of basic grammar and vocabulary then gradually shift into translating and discussing great works in Latin literature such as the Latin Bible, Julius Caesar, Cicero, and various Roman poets.

Mathematics classes equip students with critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies through experiences that develop deep conceptual understanding.

Science classes offer students the opportunity to participate in the cycles of the scientific enterprise and to appreciate the intelligibility of our well-designed universe. Rhetoric courses focus upon constructing and presenting persuasive and logically sound essays and speeches as well as developing research skills.

The senior year culminates in a fine arts project to express a point of view in a creative and meaningful way as well as a senior thesis project, drawing together in practice all that students have learned about constructing a thoughtful and persuasive argument on a significant topic.

You'll find much more detail about the Rhetoric School curriculum in the PCS Rhetoric School Manual.

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