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Why Classical?

Watch this 1-minute video and see why parents and students should consider classical, Christian education.

CCE Video

Two of the most common questions prospective parents ask are what is classical, Christian education and how does it differ from traditional Christian education.  As a classical Christian school, PCS approaches education very differently from other schools. Instead of departmentalizing subjects, preparing for tests and focusing on self-expression, PCS leads students to discover knowledge that is ordered, coherent, integrated, and rooted in the wisdom of the past with Christ at the very center of it all, providing a basis for all that is true, beautiful, and good.  

You'll find more information about classical, Christian education here.  Additional online resources are also available here.  We would also love to talk with you further and answer any additional questions you may have about classical, Christian education and about PCS.  Feel free to contact us directly.

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