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As a mom of three, I understand that school plays an integral role in the lives of our children. As a parent, you seek a school that provides a safe environment where your child will be challenged academically and grow spiritually. You also hope for a place where children are loved and nurtured by teachers, a culture where bullying and condemnation do not exist, a school where children are included and never left out because all are taught that character and virtue matter. Schools today can be complicated, making them difficult for a child to navigate without the proper love, care, support, and direction. This is what the teachers at Providence live for, and love to do. They celebrate an exceptional curriculum in front of wonderful children whom they love!

I encourage you to look at Providence Classical School on this web site and in person. Talk with parents whose children attend PCS. You will say, as many of our parents have said, “This place is different! It is special.”

Our families, teachers, and administration have built a remarkable school and are committed to making it better each year. We welcome you, and thank you for your interest.

Susan Oweis
Head of School


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